The Peacefest is an annual celebration of food, fun and fellowship with the goal of encouraging a spirit of togetherness and unity among everyone in our community from all walks of life. This event began as a small picnic with close friends back in 2006 and has since grown immensely due to the inclusiveness of anyone and everyone who wished to join. We now have an average of 200 people that attend this event and feel welcome to come as they are and enjoy other people and good vibes.


Sunday JULY 24th, 2016

Every year this event is held in late Spring or early Summer from 11am until dusk. We encourage people to come any time they’d like and stay until the sun goes down. This is an outdoor event, and while we usually always get awesome weather, rain is always a possibility and we will post an announcement on our site if there will be a rain date or cancellation.


This event is held every year in early summer at Banning Park in Wilmington, Delaware. This event, however, is not limited to only our local area. We welcome people of all communities, near and far. This county-run park has been so accommodating to us over the years and has always provided us a calm, safe and scenic atmosphere. We always make sure to have proper permits and permission to put on our event.


The Peacefeast is always funded and supported by our local friends and community members. People donate all types of things we need from food and drinks to bouncy houses and face painting. We humbly ask for any support that people are willing to provide, but never charge or expect anything from the people who choose to join us.


Because, why not? There is plenty of negativity, sadness and hostility in the world and we believe that this event can make a small difference in peoples lives, even if for one day.